Do Western Women Still Need Feminism?

"Free" is a binary term. You can be legally be free and still be treated badly.
Sade Andria Zabala
January 23, 2017
“Counter-question, first: Why are you posting questions on Quora when there are children starving out in the world?

Do you see how absurd this line of reasoning is? You have stuff you want and don’t think it’s at all odd to prioritize that over literally everything else in the world you could be doing right now to make the world a better place. And what you want is to ask why feminists aren’t…invading Arabic countries, I guess, to impose peace, maybe. It’s not really clear where you’re going with it, other than you’re clearly not doing anything about it, either. That’s the problem with trying to claim someone else is a hypocrite: You need to be very careful about your own life, first.

But look, the fact that there are crappier places than the United States (for example) doesn’t mean that the United States is ‘done;’ even the best place in the world can still be better. It also doesn’t mean—as we’re reminded any time any American speaks up about world events—that we have the right to impose our will and values on the rest of the world.

Mind you, many feminists do work throughout the world, because they have the resources to do so. But there’s plenty of work in our own backyards to go around, and it seems pretty dumb to leave it undone, and there are enough people acting against progress that it needs work to maintain it.

And heck, that doesn’t even get to the fact that we’ve seen time and time again that equality makes people happier, more productive, and more stable. And that’s a far better position to spread from. As another answer points out, the world is not a zero-sum game.”