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The New Romantic

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The New Romantic

Satria's employees intend to rob his house when he is out of the country but their robbery turns into murder when they find Suzzanna in the house as they bury her body in the backyard.

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Genres:Horror, Drama

Directed By:  Anggy Umbara, Rocky Soraya

Produced By:  Sunil Soraya

Second Unit Director:  Bounty Umbara

Assistant Director:  Ateeq Shah, Rendy Jasin, Yohanes Gatot Subroto

Co Producer:  Dian W Sasmita

Executive Producer:  Raam Soraya

Line Producer:  Angling Sagaran, Leko Djede

Associate Producer:  Ferry Lesmana

Production Manager:  Anand Mahtani

Unit Production Manager:  Mohan Nankani

Screenplay:  Bene Dion Rajagukguk

Story:  Bene Dion Rajagukguk, Ferry Lesmana, Sunil Soraya

Director Of Photography:  Rahmat Syaiful

Music Director:  Andhika Triyadi

Sound Designer:  Khikmawan Santosa

Location Sound Recordist:  M. Anhar Moha

Art Direction:  Rico Marpaung, T. Moty D. Setyanto

Casting Director:  Dewi Yulia Razif

Editor:  Sastha Sunu

Makeup Artist:  Pyotr Gorshenin, Tatyana Melkomova

Colorist:  Shane Bartley

The New Romantic Characters

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