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Teenage Exorcist

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Teenage Exorcist

Diane is a repressed, neurotic grad student, who moves into a cursed mansion only to be possessed by the house's demonic master. She is then transformed into a raven-haired, leather and lingerie-clad seductress, who seeks a virgin sacrifice for her maste...

Genres:Horror, Comedy

Directed By:  Grant Austin Waldman

Produced By:  Grant Austin Waldman, Fred Olen Ray, Bob Bragg, Jay Richardson

Original Story:  Fred Olen Ray

Screenplay:  Brinke Stevens

Original Music Composer:  Chuck Cirino

Stunt Coordinator:  Bob Bragg

Visual Effects:  Bart Mixon, Bret Mixon

Special Effects:  Joe Castro

Makeup Artist:  Joe Castro

Teenage Exorcist Characters

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