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Gia Carangi travels to New York City with dreams of becoming a fashion model. Within minutes of arriving, she meets Wilhelmina Cooper, a wise and high-powered agent who takes Gia under her wing. With Cooper's help and her own natural instincts, Gia quickl...

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Genres:TV Movie, Drama, Romance
Produced By:HBO Films, Marvin Worth Productions, Citadel Entertainment, Kahn Power Pictures, Gia Productions
Release Date:January 31, 1998
Runtime:120 min
Tagline:Too beautiful to die. Too wild to live.
User Score (votes):6.8 / 10 (234)

Starring:  Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kylie Travis, Mercedes Ruehl, Faye Dunaway

Writer:  Michael Cristofer, Jay McInerney

Producer:  James D. Brubaker, Marvin Worth, Ilene Kahn Power, David R. Ginsburg

Directed By:  Michael Cristofer

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