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• Take the time to pleasure every inch of our body. Our vaginas, boobs and asses aren't our only erogenous zones.

• Tease need to rush. Take your time on each spot and pay attention to how we react to know whether you should move on or stay there a while longer.

• Don't rush straight for the clit. You need to warm us up first. Our entire vulva is sensitive to touch. Lick, kiss, nibble, stroke, blow on, and flick your tongue over each and every part of it. And hum/make noise! We don't care how stupid you sound, but those vibrations that travel up from your throat and onto our bits feel like the best vibrator ever.

• Speaking of the clit... it's not just that nub that pokes out from under the clitoral hood….It's wishbone shaped, so stimulate all of it, not just the button.

• Jackhammering away at us does feel good, but only for so long and after a good while of warming up with the less intense thrusting.

• Simply thrusting your cock in and out won't do much for us. It's all about angles; try to thrust toward the G-spot or the anterior fornix but also see what other angles you can get and spots you can hit on us.

• Don't be lazy with your hands. Touch us! Whether it's our face, breasts, bums, stimulating our clits, holding us around the neck (gently unless she asks for you to be more aggressive) feels amazing when a guy is doing more than just using his penis in us.

• If there's something you want us to do, ask. Sadly, we can't read your minds.

• Tell us how great it feels, how sexy we are and let us know when we're hitting the right spots.

• Sex does not have to stay in the bedroom. Use all the rooms of your house, the car, the beach, the woods, public bathrooms, swimming pools/hot tubs/showers...wherever the both of you enjoy it and can get access to. Sex outside the bedroom is hot.

• As great as foreplay and the more sensual sex is, quickies can be just as much fun and exciting. Grab us from behind and fuck the shit out of us without even taking our underwear off. If we're wearing a skirt and have opportunity to go for it, take that as an open invitation (obviously only if you're already in some sort of a relationship).

• Anal feels fucking amazing if you take your time to work us. Don't just stick it in without asking and go for the gold. Foreplay (licking, fingering, toys), lots of lube and then you can enter us. Start off slow, but then you can usually pound away just as hard as when you're in the vagina (some girls do differ with this so make sure to get the 'okay' before you go for it).

• Don't shove our heads down to your penis when you want us to blow you. Either ask or let us just go there on our own. You can subtly position yourself in a way that brings her face closer to your torso than your face so we get the hint.

• Sex does not end just because you've ejaculated. It ends when both people are satisfied (which doesn't necessarily mean orgasm)

• Eat lots and lots of pineapple. We will crave your cum if you do.

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