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My ex and I were both very religious so had no sex before marriage and saw all kinds of signs that God had brought us together.! We ignored good advice from both sides of our families to not get married because we were sure that God was in control! Once we were married I then learn she is not sexual and does not enjoy sex. It was absolutely miserable.

No oral sex two positions and I was not allowed to touch her vagina. Our pastor had assured us that there was no such thing as sexual incompatibility! She refused to go to counseling and she refused to go the doctor to see why sex was usually painful for her. (Tilted uterus plus likely vaginissimus) I stayed because I didn't want to disrupt my children's childhood.

She became even more religious while I became much less religious. My new job had me away from home for weeks and months for years. I ended up cheating. It was wrong and I regret that. But I did meet a wonderful woman who was in the exact same situation.

She is incredible. Super sexy, cute, hardworking, Keeps the house spotless and is a great cook. And best of all she thinks I am amazing both in and out of the bedroom! I got so so lucky! The divorce was not fun, I regret the cheating and won't do that again. And my children refuse to talk with me and are unaware of my ex's contribution to the marriage breakdown But it was so worth it. I am so much happier now! Been together for 5 years and it has been wonderful.

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Jacob Geers

October 5, 2016