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“My aunt and uncle moved into a 19th century home in a small town in Maine a few years back. Think something from Steven King. Their neighbors warned them about previous paranormal incidents. Since they moved in, many more incidents have taken place. These incidents include but are not limited too:

An in-your-face chocolate smell in the kitchen when no one had been cooking.

Random items appearing in places they shouldn't be. My aunt was a school administrator, now retired, and she has a filing cabinet full of old documents in the basement. One night while I was visiting, a binder from that filing cabinet was underneath my bed when i woke up. The filing cabinet was in the very back of their storage space and would have required someone to scramble over camping equipment, old furniture, etc. to get to it. Weird.

Levitating objects. Super skeptical of this one.

My aunt was home alone running on a treadmill in her basement. Unexplained banging noises came from the ground floor. She yells, 'For heaven's sake shut the fuck up already,' and the banging subsides.

The most memorable incident for me was when my uncle noticed that his medication went missing. My aunt yelled to the 'ghost' that his medication is important and is the one thing that is not to be played with. They later found his pill bottles standing upright underneath the bed. Standing upright. The couldn't have rolled underneath. Never happened again.

The ghost has not really done anything harmful and from what I have heard can even be described as playful. We have affectionately dubbed the ghost 'Gracie the Ghost'.”
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