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Backstory: My ex and I were best friends for 12 years, dated for 8. We weren't married because it was illegal at the time (gayyyyyy). Near the end of our relationship I did actually ask her to marry me because it was becoming legal in some states. Her response was to write me a letter, telling me she'd cheated.

We always prided ourselves on being a very trustworthy couple and it was all a complete lie on her part, but I loved her. I understand people make mistakes. So I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to tell me and she started spewing things from her mouth that only Satan would do. So horrible I locked myself in the bathroom for an hour, sobbing and dry heaving at how horrible of a person I'd loved.

She is married now to a man and he has no idea. I never told anyone but I'm not sure there's anything that can legally be done. I don't have any contact with her nor do I Facebook stalk her, but sometimes someone will send me a pic or post. She apparently is getting her dream job and has the best marriage. They got married after only 2 months of dating right out of a 8 yr relationship. I feel so bad for the dude.

I'm not sure what she is saying is true because she's a liar and I know that she'd never let anyone know if her relationship sucked. Nobody even knew we'd broken up until months after, that's how private we were. Every time I see how supposedly great her life is I think about how I could ruin it all, but I don't. I just really want Karma to rear its ugly head.

As for me, I am amazing. I met a wonderful, intelligent, passionate woman almost two years ago. I honestly didn't know relationships could be this great. I sometimes can't believe I wasted so much time on the wrong person, but my girlfriend tells me it was fate just so I could meet her. I've never been so sure about a person in my 29 years of life and I'm (secretly) looking to propose over Thanksgiving. She's about to graduate in Dec so I think it'll be a nice little holiday surprise.
The best part though is that I also took the dog and cat from my previous relationship. So I get a great woman and two cute af animals.

How the hell could I not be happy!?

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