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Joey Zasa: I earned that territory with my talent. Commission gave it to me, and you approved.

Michael Corleone: Yes.

Vincent Mancini: Hey, Uncle Mike, I came here for the party. I'm not here to ask you for any kind of help. I could just kill this bastard. He's the one who needs the help.

Michael Corleone: So kill him. What does all this have to do with me?

Vincent Mancini: Well, he's going around behind your back saying 'Fuck Michael Corleone' all the time. See, that's one thing it has to do with you, right?

Vincent Mancini: [to Zasa] Say it to his face one time, say it to his face. ONE TIME!

Joey Zasa: Mr. Corleone, all bastards are liars. Shakespeare wrote poems about it.

Vincent Mancini: What am I gonna do with this guy, Uncle Mike. WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH THIS GUY!

Michael Corleone: Joey, if there is some guy running around this city saying 'Fuck Michael Corleone,' what do we do with a piece of shit like that? He's a fuckin' dog.

Joey Zasa: Yes, it's true, if anyone would say such a thing they would not be a friend, they would be a dog.

Michael Corleone: My interests don't conflict with Mr. Joe Zasa's.

Vincent Mancini: Oh you don't know how much your interests conflict with Mr. Joe Zasa's, Uncle Michael.

Connie: He needs your support, Michael!

Vincent Mancini: Don't let me work for this guy no more, Uncle Mike. Let me come work for you.

Michael Corleone: For me? As what? Tough guy? I don't need tough guys. I need more lawyers. Since we have no conflicts, no debts, I accept your tribute. I wish you well. Vincent, make your peace with Mr. Joe Zasa, come on.

Joey Zasa: [Vincent hugs Zasa] Bastardo.

Michael Corleone: [Vincent bites Zasa's ear and Zasa is taken out of the office] Oh, Jesus Christ! Close it.

Vincent Mancini: Hey Uncle Mike, I told Connie this wasn't the right time for this. I mean, I know you're into bankers and Wall Street but everyone knows you're the final word, you're like the Supreme Court! All I want to do is protect you from these guys and your lawyers can't do that.

Michael Corleone: But you can.

Vincent Mancini: Yeah, I can do that.

Michael Corleone: And why should I be afraid of Joe Zasa?

Vincent Mancini: Well, he knows you're stopping him from rising up in the commission, Uncle Mike. I say we make him dead. You give me the order and I'll take care of it.

Michael Corleone: You'll take care of it? Maybe you should come with me for a few weeks. See what happens. See if you learn. Then, we'll talk about your future.

Vincent Mancini: I won't let you down.

Michael Corleone: Alright, go on.