June 24 people are often completely taken up with their vocation, art or business concerns. The more highly evolved individuals born on this day devote themselves to creative, positive projects; the less highly evolved contribute their energies to undertakings with a decidedly negative or destructive cast. Both are equally involved, particularly in a technical sense, since June 24 people develop their own particular approach to their activities down to the last detail. Technique for these individuals is not so much an objective study which can be learned by everyone, but rather a highly personal set of tools which allows them to express themselves unhindered and master what they do. 

Poorly evolved individuals are, of course, headed in the opposite direction, preferring conflict, hurt, pain, struggle and domination. It is unlikely but not impossible that the less evolved can turn their values around in a single lifetime, but since many of us are now granted a lifespan in excess of eighty-four years (one Uranus cycle), in a sense, more than one lifetime can be lived, offering opportunity for tremendous change. This change can come about through study, increased self-awareness, raised consciousness, influential experiences and above all, the basic desire to improve oneself. 

June 24 people have what could be described as religious fervor for their principal activity. They strive for self-discipline and are capable of tremendous feats of concentration. They value a flowing, natural, spontaneous, somewhat improvised work method, but one backed by iron-clad technical skills. Even amoral June 24 people come to be aware that their work holds great potential for both good and bad ends. Those born on this day often encounter a severe mid-life crisis in their early forties concerning their ethics. 

Above all, June 24 people want to be left alone to do what they love most, and therefore their family and friends must be highly understanding of the strict privacy they need for their work. Occasionally those born on this day venture out to perform on a high level in the world, but usually do their most important work in the confines of their safe, and often secret, home base. Those June 24 people who work in offices or primarily out in society usually value their home life more than their work, and reserve the larger part of their energies for personal interests.