June 1 people can usually be found either in the public eye or observing the latest modes and trends of society. Either way they are taken up with seeing or being seen in a social context. Those born on this day may display an interest in history, but usually for how it sheds light on the present. Indeed they bring all their powers to bear on what is most up-to-date: dressing, talking, reading and studying the state of the art in various fields. 

This does not mean that June 1 people are overly social beings. They may appear extroverted, in rare cases exhibitionistic, but such an external attitude often masks a personality that is isolated and lonely. Therefore, it is difficult for anyone to really know these unusual people well, although many might think they do.  June 1 people are masters at hiding not only their feelings but their deeds as well. Few, indeed, are admitted to the inner sanctum of a June 1 person’s world. 

Both men and women born on this day are rarely without a mate basically because they hate to be alone. To avoid loneliness some June 1 people throw themselves into social activities and amass a whole bevy of friends and acquaintances. 

Rarely will June 1 people admit to ignorance. They pride themselves on knowing a good deal about a wide variety of subjects, although their specialized knowledge may not run that terribly deep. In the area that they are most obsessed with, however, they go to great lengths to amass an impressive body of information. The subject of this study need not be academic—it could range from sports figures to comic books, for example. June 1 people have a facility with languages and an aptitude for tasks requiring manual dexterity; those born on this day also know something of people and their needs and wants. This makes them excellent salespeople, for they have an eye that sizes up prospective clients in an instant. 

Since those born on this day have a feeling for the value of things, they also make excellent shoppers and in general are shrewd at handling money. However, because of their great appreciation for the products of others and an accompanying talent for imitation, they often have great difficulty realizing their creative potential. Trusting in their own individuality is essential to their development; without it, even a more imitative creativity begins to atrophy. June 1 people must find the courage, at some point in their lives, to dig deep within themselves; when they find out who they really are and what it is they want, they may have no choice but to pursue their dreams regardless of what society, parents or friends think.