June 19 people bring out the best and the worst in others. Rarely are they met with apathy but elicit strong responses, even when they do not seem to be acting in a provocative fashion. Just their presence alone can be somewhat intimidating and therefore arouse antagonism, but their intense drive and fortitude may also inspire admiration. 

Women born on this day are highly persuasive, directed, and usually know exactly what they want, whether it be career or educational advancement, an emotionally rewarding relationship or financial stability. June 19 men, on the other hand, are generally steady types who hang in there regardless of what fate has in store for them (but are equally hard-driving). Both men and women born on this day tend to set events around them in motion. 

June 19 people are highly stimulating, capable of getting the most sluggish of individuals moving. Their strong convictions and courage to act definitely serve as a positive example. Although their methods of motivating others may seem rather strong medicine, there is no denying that a good kick in the pants is what is required now and then. Also, though others may feel some resentment at being urged on, they will usually appreciate a June 19 person’s good intentions. 

A real problem for June 19 people may be an inability or a refusal to recognize limitations both in themselves and in their social role. Driving themselves too hard or too fast may not only put them at risk of breakdown but may actually land them in difficult situations. Perhaps they do perform well under stress, even shine, but over time, such stress can take its toll. Those born on this day should consider the effect of their hard-driving lifestyle on their family and loved ones, who may not have bargained for so much struggle. 

If those born on June 19 can heighten their awareness both of what is going on within themselves and in the world around them, they will avoid burnout and better their chances of success. Just allowing themselves the luxury of choice, the freedom to occasionally go around obstacles (rather than confronting them head on) is a major step in the right direction.