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Mia Dolan

Mia Dolan


AKA Mia Dolan

Nationality United States Of America

Occupations Film Actor, Barista, Stage Actor, Banane, Violador

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Sebastian: I thought you wanted me to do this, it just sounds like now you don't want me to do it.

Mia: What do you mean, I wanted you to do this?

Sebastian: This is what you wanted for me.

Mia: To be in this band?

Sebastian: To be in a band, to have a steady job, you know to be... you know.

Mia: Of course, I wanted you to have a steady job so that you could take care of yourself and your life and you could start your club.

Sebastian: Yeah, so I'm doing that, so I don't understand like why aren't we celebrating?

Mia: Why aren't you starting your club?

Sebastian: You said yourself no one wants to go that club. No one wants to go to a club called 'Chicken on a Stick.'

Mia: So change the name!

Sebastian: Well, no one likes jazz, not even you!

Mia: I do like jazz now, because of you!

Sebastian: What am I supposed to do? Go back to playing ‘Jingle Bells’ so I can save money for some Shangri-La club no one wants to go to?

Mia: People will want to go to it because you're passionate about it and people love what other people are passionate about. You remind people of what they've forgotten.

Sebastian: Not in my experience. [pause] Anyway, it's time to grow up. You know? This is what I'm doing. If you had a problem, I wish you would've said something earlier, before I signed on the dotted line.

Mia: You had a dream that you were sticking to, that...

Sebastian: This is the dream!

Mia: This is not your dream.

Sebastian: Guys like me go their whole lives and never do anything that's liked. I'm finally doing something that people enjoy. What is wrong with that?

Mia: Why do you care so much about being liked?

Sebastian: You're an actress, what are we talking about? [pause] Maybe you liked me more when I was a failure because it made you feel better about yourself.
[long pause]

Mia: Are you kidding?

Sebastian: No.

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